about us

Alchemy founders Clare Pyers and Kirsten Wolfe are registered Chinese medicine practitioners and have over 30 years combined experience in helping their clients achieve their health and wellbeing goals. Kirsten Wolfe and Clare Pyers have embarked on educating and mentoring practitioners in the field of natural reproductive medicine, after seeing the need for post graduate fertility education for Chinese medicine practitioners in Australia. Their herbal formulas and treatment protocols are highly sought after within the practitioner community. Alchemy elixirs makes it possible for practitioners to have easy access to effective formulas, that are readily available across Australia and New Zealand.


Our formulas

Alchemy is your new trusted partner for pre-made formulas that are easy to order and prescribe to your fertility patients. Tried and tested on thousands of patients over many years, our formulas are based on the combined clinical expertise of our founders Kirsten Wolfe and Clare Pyers – with over 30 years fertility experience between them.

Our modular prescribing system helps to simplify the clinical decision making process of prescribing herbal medicines to your patients based. Prescribing herbs from the Alchemy range starts with your patient’s Chinese medicine diagnosis, then targeted add-on formulas can address any reproductive diagnosis your patient might have.